Joshua was recommended to me by a friend and I would definitely recommend him to others. He guided me from day 1 on what to expect throughout the process and was available every step of the way. A couple friends asked me what the value in engaging an immigration lawyer is, as oppose to doing it myself, and i would say it’s like having a tutor rather than just doing self-study. In hindsight, I really appreciate having someone there to break up the steps and prompt me on what to submit one at a time, relieving the overall stress on myself. He was also available whenever I had questions which was a lot of times. Out of 5 stars I would give 6 stars if I could! 100% recommended. Thanks again Joshua for helping me through this seamless process.

- Kenneth

Joshua we can't thank you enough. At every step of the way you guided us and provided the most helpful advice. Clearly he is an expert in his field and if you're lucky enough to come across him, you'll be happy to know that you're in the best hands. Thank you again for your support Joshua, we're so glad we had Hope Immigration Lawyers to support us.

- Katrina

I wasn’t sure what options I had available for my visa. I booked in a consultation with Hope Immigration Lawyers to discuss options. Joshua laid out all the requirements and steps very clearly and we quickly decided to use his services. I couldn’t be happier with this decision, especially after discovering there were a few problems that would make the process more difficult. Joshua helped to take the best plan of action and also ensured we had all the right supporting documents to give our application the best possible chance. I was finally granted my visa with no issues. Without Joshua, this would not have been achievable. I highly recommend Joshua to anyone who wants to give their visa application the best chance possible.

- Andrew

Trying to sort out my fiancé’s visa was a very stressful process and we did not know where to start. We found Hope Immigration Lawyers through Google and were impressed by all the great reviews. Straight from the consultation, Joshua gave us the clarity we needed to get my fiancé’s visa application sorted out. He made the process of organising countless documents and preparing other requirements, a much easier and manageable experience. Joshua was always prompt to respond to any calls/emails and answer any questions we had regarding the application. We had a difficult case with a few potential issues along the way and Joshua was able to help us address them in an appropriate manner. Thanks to Joshua, my fiancé received his 820 Partner visa within 14 months, which is a lot faster than expected. I cannot thank Joshua enough and also attest to his attention to detail, knowledge, professionalism, and overall dedication to his job.

- Catherine

Joshua is a very efficient, to-the-point and clear immigration lawyer. He took us through the visa process smoothly and ensured that anything we needed to know was communicated clearly. We encountered no hiccups and were very grateful for his efficiency. In future, we would definitely look to his assistance again.

- Rachel

After reviewing most of the immigration services online and attended a few meetings with other immigration lawyers - My partner and I had decided to go with Hope Immigration Lawyers to apply for my 820/801 partner visa. We still remembered our first meeting with Joshua - we were already impressed by his professionalism, dedication and attention to details. Thanks to Joshua, we didn’t have to stress over the whole complicated process in dealing with all the paperworks. And right now I’m thrilled to say my 820 visa was granted in just 16 months! Thank you again Joshua & Hope Immigration Lawyers!

- Joyce

We were very happy with the services and outcome provided by Hope Immigration Lawyers. Joshua gave us accurate and relevant advice throughout the whole application process, including clear and precise guidance in the collection of evidence, setting the medical assessment and keeping us promptly informed when getting any correspondence from the Department of Home Affairs. Would definitely recommend their services.

- Ismael

I had contacted Joshua in December 2020 to ask for help with my PR application. I had just got my Nomination application for subclass 186 from my employer and due to holiday season there was hardly any time to complete the form and my temporary visa was about to run out in 10 days. I must add that I had called other immigration lawyers who had already closed the office due to holiday season. So, it was surprising when Joshua took the call. He understood the urgency and agreed to meet me straight away. He was thorough in his assessment of the situation and was immensely helpful in answering my questions. He reassured me and agreed to help with filing our visa application. He went over the forms and nominations and I have to say that Joshua is the most detail obsessed and thorough person I have met. He pored over every small information to make sure that they are exactly right and correct so that the Department of Home Affaires will not have any problems with the applications. He is also one of the most hard working and dedicated professional I have met. He worked through the holidays to complete all the formalities and advised me on getting the necessary documentation. He managed to lodge the application within the time limit, which is a testament to his commitment and hard work. He was also clear in his communications and kept me updated on the developments. I was incredibly happy when I finally received the positive result of the application and finally was granted my permanent visa by the Department of Home Affairs. I believe that it was only possible due to Joshua’s help. I wholeheartedly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers services for anyone looking for help with immigration issues.

- Navajyoti

We were extremely happy with Joshua’s advice and service. We engaged Joshua as our immigration lawyer for a partner visa and Joshua was very knowledgeable about the entire process. He was always available on the phone and email when we needed advice and helped us every step of the way. Happily we were granted permanent residency and Joshua called us personally to let us know the great news. I would definitely recommend Joshua.

- Cassie

Joshua is 5star plus. He’s really experienced, very knowledgeable and thoroughly efficient. He was extremely patient when taking us through the Partner Visa application and the whole process, and always quick to reply to emails or texts. I have no hesitation in recommending Hope Immigration Lawyers.

- Shaun

It was great that my partner and I decided to go with Joshua to help us with our partner visa application as he was able to advise and guide us through the process each step of the way. This really helped to relieve the stress as I knew we were in safe hands with Joshua. He knew what the specific documents were required at each stage of the process and answered our questions quickly and effectively. We managed to get our 820 visa approval in a timely manner with no issues at all and I am very happy that we made the choice to go with Hope Immigration Lawyers.

- Daryl

Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents helped my partner and I get our 820 visa granted in such a quick time. It was so exciting to be able to receive the phone call this morning saying it was granted. With Joshua's help, the visa process was nearly effortless. He took away all the stress of it and was able to support us and answer all our questions. Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents made us both feel at ease. We are absolutely over the moon with Joshua's help and cannot wait to start our 801 visa next year with him. 5/5 stars!

- Samantha

Joshua from Hope Immigration Lawyers has helped me to get my PR. Joshua laid out all the requirements needed for the next visa until I got my permanent residency. Joshua was helpful letting my partner and I know what was needed for the visa and what additional documentation was required for a smoother process. He explained everything in great detail and ensured we understood it. That way we were able to provide all the evidence and documents in a timely manner and got my permanent residency without stress and delay.

- Sonata

Hope Immigration Lawyers made significant difference in my PR application. Without Joshua, I would not have been able to apply, let alone get the visa granted! Thank you so much Joshua. Strong recommendation to anyone who's looking for an immigration lawyer!

- Suzy

My partner and I are so grateful for Joshua’s work. We applied for a permanent resident visa with Joshua and we are very happy with the outcome. Joshua is very professional and efficient. It only took a day or two for him to organise all documents and submit all applications needed for 190 visa. With his careful attention to every detail, we did not have to submit extensive additional documents and everything just went so smoothly. We received nomination approval from NSW in just 7 days and got our 190 visa approved only 13 days after submitting the application. Our experience with Hope Immigration Lawyers was absolutely fantastic and we would thoroughly recommend using Hope Immigration Lawyers services.

- Minji

To me, there's just two words that I can describe Joshua's and his service as: Professional and Reliable. Thanks to Joshua, me and my partner didn't have to go through any stressful situation during the visa process as he guided us through every moment. He was prompt answering to our queries and always supportive. If you are thinking of applying Partner Visa than just give Joshua (Hope Immigration Lawyers) a call and forget the rest because if he's the one handling your case, then trust me you are in safe hands.

- Rakesh

I am so happy, i have got a permanent partner visa today! At first me and my partner came to Hope Immigration Lawyers for a consultation about an year ago and immediately understood that Joshua is a professional in immigration matters and we can trust him. We had a very difficult case, but Joshua helped us during all this process, and now i have a permanent residence. Thanks Joshua for that !!

- Galina

I’m so grateful to have Joshua as my immigration lawyer. My case was a bit complicated but Joshua was extremely helpful to prepare the application form and all other documents. It took only 3 days to get the approval after I applied my permanent visa. He is very thorough and professional. He replied me back promptly every time when I asked him any question. He is a very reliable lawyer. Highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone!

- Mirim

I would love to recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone, those who want to apply visas or planning to stay Australia. Joshua is really professional. Now he made my wish come true. I am super happy and satisfied that I chose right immigration lawyer. Thank you very much.

- Shima

It was such a blessing to have Joshua as our Immigration Lawyer. He is very easy to get a hold of whenever you have questions. I highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone who are in similar situation as us. Our deepest thanks to Joshua and Hope Immigration Lawyers.

- Mae

My Partner and I are beyond Grateful with Hope Immigration Lawyers. My case was very complicated to begin with, there were roadblocks and we were feeling hopeless. Till we met Joshua, he’s knowledgeable and very thorough with his explanations about our case. He is strict when it comes to process and systems in place. We appreciate his professionalism and doesn’t waste your time when you talk to him, he directly gets straight to the point, and we like that about him. We are extremely pleased with his services and guidance. Thank you and we greatly appreciate your help!

- Ann

I contacted Hope Immigration Lawyers about a week to my student visa expire, and after our first consultation l was really rest assured of a possibility of getting my partner visa through. Just within the few days, Joshua had organised every needed document and filed for my partner visa. In less than 18 months, l got my permanent resident. What l appreciate about Joshua is how he's reliable and knowledgeable about the job and immigration process. He is well organised and never missed thought of the process. Joshua is very smart and has a sharp recollection memory which helps me to provide accurate information to immigration. Also, Joshua is very accessible, time conscious and efficient in delivery his service. I will recommend his migration service to any person in a desperate situation such as mine.

- Enosh

Thank you Hope Immigration Lawyers, my partner’s visa was granted without any issues. It was great to have professional advice when we needed the most.

- GL

I applied both for my Temporary Graduate Visa and Nominated Skill Visa with Hope Immigration Lawyers. Joshua was very helpful in answering my questions and replied promptly to any concerns I had. I would highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone who needs help with visas.

- Viviane

Me and my partner are extremely thankful for Hope Immigration Lawyers specially to Joshua for assisting us with my partner visa subclass 820/801 application. Joshua is very professional and has provided us all the guidance we need as we go through every step. He is so thorough with paper work and very patient in dealing with us. I was granted both partner visa and permanent residency in less than 24 months. If you are looking for much needed help with your visa application, then we highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers. You will not regret it!

- Mary

So lucky to know Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents and Joshua was in charge of our case. It takes only 18months to grant the partner visa. Good price and service! Highly recommend.

- Kelly

My partner and I are extremely grateful to have found Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents. Joshua truly is a professional in his field and genuinely just a great guy to deal with. He made the whole process for us completely stress free and really simple. With great confidence I would highly recommend Joshua to anyone.

- Jesse

Joshua was a very reliable and professional immigration lawyer. I hired him to help out with my partner visa application and everything was done smoothly and nicely within a few meetings and phone conversation. I understand that my case was a difficult one to deal with but Joshua had done his job perfectly and I am very much satisfied with the result. Thank you Hope Immigration Lawyers 🙂

- C.K. Ma

Hope Immigration Lawyers helped me with my NSW State Sponsorship visa application. Joshua was very professional and answered all my queries thoroughly. With his assistance, I was granted a Permanent Resident! I highly recommend his excellent and efficient service. Thank you Joshua.

- Paulina

Thank you to Hope Immigration Lawyers, my husband and I chose Joshua's service two years ago for my husband's PR application. With the professional services provided by Joshua, my husband was granted permanent residence in a short time. Joshua always pays attention to details and provides advice on how to prepare supporting documents thoroughly. He also listed what we need to pay attention to and what to prepare for the PR application. We highly recommend using Hope Immigration Lawyers. Thank you so much Joshua for all your help.

- Lee HN O

I am so glad that my partner found Hope Immigration Lawyers by googling. Joshua is very thorough and knows his stuff well. Just put your faith & trust in him, and he will get the job done. He will guide you through the process step by step. You will not regret it as it is money well spent when you choose Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents! I am forever grateful to Joshua for all his hard work!

- Jane

We had first heard about Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents from friends of ours who were also needing assistance in obtaining a partner visa. They spoke very highly of Joshua so we decided to enquire. From the moment we met him, we felt confident in his ability to be the person to support us during this process. My Wife and I were very worried about what was involved in the process but Joshua guided us through every step. He was very meticulous in reviewing all of our information to ensure everything was accurate. He was always very professional and honest and thanks to him, I have been granted Permanent Residency and can now relax and enjoy the future with my family.

- Craig

I highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone looking to Migrate to Australia. Highly professional and always on top of everything that needed to be done. Joshua made the application go smoothly with no complications. All our questions were answered promptly and communication well received. If your looking for the right person to get the job done, Joshua would be my first choice. Thank you Joshua and wish you all the best.

- Fabrice

My wife and I had been looking for a reliable immigration lawyer for my wife’s partner visa for a long time. Joshua is referred by one of my wife’s friend who had her visa granted in a very complex situation. We easily made our decision to go ahead of our case with Joshua after the first appointment based on his experience and professional knowledge. He guided us to prepare all the supportive documents and collect useful evidence very patiently. We sincerely appreciate the great service provided by Joshua.

- Will

I came across Hope Immigration Lawyers many years ago now and chose them for our mothers Subclass 143 visa based on reviews. It has been a long journey and was much longer than we had expected to process, however, after nearly 4 and a half years, my mother has been granted permanent residence! Joshua was very professional the whole time and kept us informed and up to date. He handled all the communications and followed up everything in a timely manner. Thank you Joshua for all your help and support during this very long process!

- Beverly

I would like to express my gratitude towards Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents for their outstanding and excellent support and very helpful advises. I suggest this law firm which holds professionalism and superlative skills to all my friends and anyone who requires Visa assistance with assurance. I highly recommend them, they are the best immigration law firm in Sydney.

- Zina

We decide to move to Australia and started our spousal immigration process with Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents. I first met Joshua, a fully certified solicitor, at the Hope Immigration Lawyers’ office in Sydney. Joshua was professional and direct from the outset with remarkable clarity. He was upfront about his very reasonable fees and inclusive costs for the whole process. He guided us through every step with his expert skill and was always in communication with any development. Our hope was to be granted the initial Subclass 309 (spousal) Visa within 17 months, however, with Joshua's brilliant help our expectations were exceeded and we were granted both the Subclass 309 and Subclass 100 (Permanent Resident) Visas within 9 months. Needless to say we are overwhelmed by the expedient success of our Visas and recommend Joshua and Hope Immigration Lawyers to everyone looking for a successful outcome to their visa application. Our deepest and sincerest thanks to Joshua and Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents.

- Ali

I consulted with Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents to get an advice for my PR visa application and my visa was granted with Joshua’s help. At that time of consulting, I was bit tired of other migration agents who did not give me that helpful advices for my situation. Joshua was different. He listened what I have concerned about, and gave exact answer reflecting migration practices. Even he pointed out the things which I had been missed. He is a detail-oriented and quick responder you can rely on. I am very satisfied with his service.

- Caroline

Joshua was fantastic in helping me secure my permanent residence. He guided me through each step of the way and made sure that all the information provided was correct and exactly what was needed. I highly recommend Hope immigration Lawyers and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

- Matthew

I came across Hope Immigration Lawyers and chose them for my case 2 years ago. Joshua is professional and has great knowledge about the field. He gave me helpful advice in my case to get the best result. Happy about the services.

- Chinh

My partner Adam and I had previously had a very negative experience with another immigration agent at another company who gave us the incorrect information for our 820 partner application, they were rude and unprofessional. So I asked my friends if they had any recommendations for an immigration agent & I am over the moon they referred me to Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers. August last year Joshua worked with us in getting our application together, he was so knowledgeable, patient, kind, communicative, friendly and funny! Completely different to our previous experience. End of September this year just 13 months later I am so excited to share we have had our 820 visa approved! And are looking forward to lodging our 801 for PR next year. Thank you so much Joshua for everything you have made this process a calm, easy & exciting process for us! I rarely write reviews but I had to share our positive experience! Anyone who is looking for immigration advice or an immigration lawyer, contact Joshua. Highly highly recommend!

- Emma

We are deeply thankful for Hope Immigration Lawyers and Joshua in particular for helping us with our PR application. He was extremely professional and diligent in his work and made sure everything was done properly to ensure success. He was very detail oriented and worked in a timely manner. He followed up throughout the entire process and instructed us every step of the way. We had our approval and couldn’t be happier with everything. We highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone who requiring their services

- Manuel

My Husband and I are deeply grateful to Joshua for helping us with our case. We were very anxious and unsure about whether or not we would get approval due to the circumstances of our case but our minds were put at ease as soon as we met him. He was very professional, clear and honest and did everything he could to help us. He has an excellent attention to detail and is very intelligent. He is also a very nice man. He supported us throughout the entire process and kept us informed of everything that we had to do. Thanks to him, our case was approved. We would recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone who needed assistance with a visa application.

- Elizabeth

I initially consulted Joshua at the beginning of the year, because I needed help with my Permanent Residence application. He was very helpful and answered all my questions. With his help, my visa was granted within 6 months from the lodgement time. Highly recommend him!

- Jacob

Me and my partner are so grateful to have Joshua as our lawyer. Joshua was there to help us with our visa every step through out the whole process. He is extremely patient and helpful. Especially when it comes to all the documents that we needed to prepare, he always double check everything. We are over the moon that my partner’s 801 visa got granted after one month of applying. We cannot thank Joshua enough for all his help during this whole process. Joshua is very professional and knowledgeable, we highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a great immigration lawyer.

- Farzam

I have the privilege of having Joshua as a lawyer. He has been very helpful and patient. He guided me in every step. He is always available to help in any query I could have. I strongly recommend Joshua, especially if you need an advice. He knows exactly what you need to do. I trust him and I will contact him again if I need. He is a very reliable immigration lawyer.

- Ivy

Just wanted to express my huge appreciation to Joshua from Hope Immigration Lawyers for the approval of my partner’s permanent residency in just a short period of time. Me and my partner feel so fortunate to have found a lawyer who will always takes time to sit down with us and discuss our concerns re visa and offer a straight forward legal advises. Thank you for supporting us in every step of the way. Very much satisfied with your service, as me and my partner highly recommend the service of Joshua from Hope Immigration Lawyers. Thank you..

- Liza

My partner and I used Joshua to lodge our partner visa and his services were amazing, so helpful and very attentive in making sure it was all done correctly. My partner and I made a lot of mistakes that Joshua was able to fix which was so amazing since the process can be quite long and tedious. We received our partner visa only 11 months after lodgement thanks to Hope Immigration Lawyers. Really a 5 star service.

- Francesca

I used Hope Immigration Lawyers to help me lodge my Partner Visa and am so happy I choose to use this company! Joshua was very insightful & offered a huge range of knowledge about the partner visa process. Partner visas require so much paper work and he made everything we needed to do very clear & easy to handle. We couldn't have done this without him!

- Jessica

My partner and I had been looking for a trustworthy immigration lawyer for our Partner Visa application and we initially chose Hope Immigration Lawyers due to the positive reviews. During our consultation session, Joshua gave us a clear picture on the process, timeline and what were required for the application. Upon submitting our evidence, Joshua really paid attention to details and he would discuss with me any area needed more clarification. He was very clear and concise about what we had to do. Whenever we had queries, his prompt response was highly appreciated. I am very thankful to Joshua that after 2 years from lodgement, I got my Visa 820 and also Visa 801 at the same time. Joshua is very experienced and professional. I would definitely recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to my friends if any of them is looking for one.

- Karen

Absolutely 5 stars service. Nothing but good things. Joshua is very professional and trustworthy, made everything easier and clear with our partner visa process with great results. 100% recommended! Thank you Joshua!

- Mannolly

We are very content with Hope Immigration Lawyer´s work. Joshua was always reliable and we 100 percent trusted him to take care of my visa.

- Marie-Christine

My partner and I enlisted Joshua (Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents) to assist us with an urgent joint visa application. We're extremely happy with Joshua's professional service, and his preciseness in his work and the attention to details was just outstanding. We will be returning to him soon for further assistance with permanent residency in near future, and we highly recommend his service to everyone.

- Shawn

Prior to finding Joshua I had consultations with several immigration advisers and had left feeling confused and, in some cases, incorrectly wrongly advised (though I didn't know that at the time!). Joshua quickly understood my situation, accurately identified the best visa pathway for me, and explained it in a way that was clear and understandable. Had I not have found Joshua, based on the incorrect advice of other agents, I would have had to leave the country - so I'm very grateful I did! I highly recommend Joshua to anyone looking for advice and assistance on visas and immigration to Australia from someone who knows what they are talking about.

- Richard

Hello I really like to give a big thanks to Joshua from Hope Immigration Lawyers for helping me and my wife with the problem that we faced. He was very good in all of his advice on how to handle the matter and we had no problems with getting our visa sorted out. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wanted to get their visa sorted out as we are very happy with the outcome. Thanks again.

- Allan

I can't thank Joshua enough. I had very difficult situation and was nearly gave up everything. Joshua put my mind at ease from the moment I first contacted and met him. All I can do was just totally relying on him. He knew what he is doing He was so professional and the best. He gave me good advices all the time and supported me whole process. I feel like still dreaming about the result he made for me. I'm highly recommending him. Thank you so much!!

- Sienna

In our first consultation with Joshua he provided us clarity, pathway and timelines to achieve this. Prior to Joshua, we reached out to other immigration lawyers but they weren’t helpful and we were clueless on the process. Joshua’s professionalism, attention to detail and organisational skills are outstanding. We will forever be thankful to Joshua for getting our permanent residency across the line. I will recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to everyone who are thinking to apply for their permanent residency. Thank you again Joshua

- Karthik

We came to Hope Immigration Lawyers with limited knowledge about skill independent 189 & 190 visa. From the initial consultation, we could see the professionalism and dedication by Joshua. He is meticulous, knowledgeable, and most importantly thorough with all the documents. He assisted us at all the steps related to this visa process. His immigration acumen was evident when he checked each line of our application and was spot on with the requirements. He is accountable for his job and hence can be relied on at all the times. In our experience, Joshua made this tedious process simple and he took all the stress we had during this process. We would recommend using the services of Hope Immigration Lawyers and wish them all the best.

- Binay

We were originally planning to lodge and apply for the process by ourselves but decided to use Joshua’s services to have an extra eye to look through and make sure our documents were correctly lodged. Very happy with the decision we made and pleased with Joshua’s services and consultation throughout the process. Joshua was always available through different modes of contact, mainly email and sms and always replied us quickly and straight to the point with our queries. After lodging, we managed to obtain the 820 visa in only 8 months with a complete and strong application. Happy to recommend and use his services again in the future.

- David

I contacted several immigration lawyers to solve my problem to get working rights in Australia but I decided to go with Hope immigration lawyers after talking with Joshua. He immediately demonstrated to be very professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of VISA applications, much more than other famous firms. He identified the right and fastest path to satisfy my needs. Attention to details, always replying very fast to my questions during the process either by text or phone. I recommended Joshua to some friends who initiated the same process and are happy as well. Thank you Joshua.

- Franco

Myself and my partner realised very late that our visa was extremely time sensitive and we simply would have not been able to do it ourselves. We were so worried but thankfully after speaking with Joshua we were reassured that he was an expert in this field and that we did not have anything to worry about and he was right. Joshua helped us every step of the way and was very precise in explaining exactly what we needed. Our visa was approved effortlessly and stress free. I would highly recommend Joshua for any visa related matters.

- Francesca

My partner and I really appreciated Joshua’s clear guidance during the process of applying the partner’s visa. He clearly explained the steps involved and always followed up via phone calls to ensure that we were on the right track with the visa application. We also felt comfortable with the whole visa process, as Joshua had always been available to answer any questions and reassure us if we were concerned about something. My partner successfully received temporary partner’s visa! Thank you Joshua for all your hard work!

- Yasue

My finance and I cannot thank Joshua more for all his excellent work. Joshua was extremely helpful and efficient. He made all points clearly at every meetings, phone calls. We always got the immediate updates from him. The partner visa application is indeed a long time process, but Joshua made it so much less confusing and less complicated.

- Andrew

Joshua from hope Immigration Lawyers is a true professional with a good eye for detail. He helped me achieve my PR visa in approximately 3months. My partner and I can not be happier with the overall process and result. Thank you Joshua.

- Phil

Great experience with Joshua, he was very thorough, good attention to detail and resulted in us getting our PR in around 2 months! He was very happy to answer any questions that we had and quick to respond. Highly recommend his services!

- Julie

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Joshua who has been fully professional in dealing with my visa application. He always provided me with all possible options for me to obtain my permanent residency and he explained them clearly. During the application process, he maintained close communication with me, reminding me of any due tasks, and tried to make the process as smooth as possible. I am glad to choose Joshua as Immigration Lawyer. My partner and I applied for a 189 visa using Joshua's service. During the duration of the application, he has been extremely helpful. We faced a pretty serious problem in our application and he helped us get through the issue. With his expansive knowledge, he provided us with a range of possible solutions and advised us on all the required and relevant documents to provide. He definitely put all his best efforts to ensure that we provided all the correct documents. He also worked the extra mile to check and proofread all of our documents ensuring there is no ambiguity. It has been a long, difficult and stressful situation for all of us but he remained composed and professional throughout in handling the issue. In the end, both of us got our visa and it was one of the happiest times of our lives. Without his help, our application would definitely go down the drain. We can definitely recommend him for all migration matters. Thanks for everything, Joshua!

- Wilsen

We are satisfied with Joshua's service. He is prompt and put an extra effort to check all the small details to make sure our permanent visa application was free from mistakes. Overall, Hope Immigration Lawyers have provided great guidance in submitting the applications.

- Anonymous

I have recently used Hope Immigration Lawyers services with Joshua the immigration lawyer taking our case. From day one Joshua was very helpful and informative, breaking everything down and explaining the whole process to make it easier. Throughout the whole process Joshua was always available to answer any questions we needed and anything that needed doing was done quick and efficiently. I would highly recommend Joshua and Hope Immigration Lawyers and look forward to using them again in the future.

- Charlotte

We are satisfied with Joshua's service. He is very diligent, trustworthy and always put an extra effort to check all the small details to ensure that our application is free from mistake. His advice and guidance really helps us to get our permanent residency. I would highly recommend his service! Thanks heaps Joshua. I truly appreciate your efforts and helps.

- Steffany

My partner and I initially chose Joshua for our Partner Visa application due to reading the other positive reviews and meeting with him first in his office to discuss our options. The entire process was easy from beginning to end and Joshua provided invaluable advice and direction for what was required to ensure we had a strong visa application. This resulted in my partner receiving her 820 visa after only 10 months which has allowed us to begin making plans for our future without the worries of a pending visa application.

- Jim

My partner and I sought Joshua as we wanted his assistance during our partner visa and then permanent residency process. From our first consultation to last he was very professional and eloquently explained us all the process required. Every time we were uncertain of something or bit anxious during the wait for the visa, he was just a phone call away. He would always call back and give us an update. My first visa application were very stressful and almost gave me anxiety, however; Joshua took all that away during the partner visa process. From 25 months of visa lodgement, I now have both visa and permanent residency. My partner and I are very grateful to Joshua. Thank you.

- Sumina

Joshua had been present through the whole process of getting me to be a permanent resident from a working visa. He provided with realistic views and the most efficient way to help me achieve this while also being open to suggestions to other options to help me navigate this very difficult system. Joshua had been very professional, knowledgeable and approachable, while keeping us updated through every step of the way and spending invaluable time with me with preparing documents correctly. I would recommend this immigration lawyer to anyone and will return for my future immigration enquiries.

- Brandon

We were referred to Hope Immigration Lawyers through friends who were also applying for a visa. Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers was very straight forward and helpful throughout the entire process. He was very clear on what we needed to do and what we needed to provide in order for our visa to be granted successfully. Although my visa took some time to process Joshua was always available for a call if myself or my partner had questions. Very glad we chose Hope Immigration Lawyers and would recommend to anyone that is looking to apply for a visa and would like assistance. Cheers!

- Mdv685

Joshua has been very helpful with our application. He responded timely with our questions and doubts, and recommended us the most useful and efficient options. Before we met Joshua, we had a bad experience with another agent, but Joshua did try his best to help us get through the case. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

- Dakang

I am very happy with the service that Joshua provided me on my visa. He was extremely helpful, trustworthy and responsive. Despite contacting him after work hours he would always answer any queries I had whether it was via phone or email. Throughout the visa process, Joshua guided me and was very professional and ensured I could obtain my visa in time without any trouble. I am truly grateful to him for all his help. I would definitely recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers. Thank you Joshua!

- Lenora

Many thanks to Joshua for working on my wife’s 801 visa. He is showing the most dedication in his professional guidance as well as very organised and thorough process for us to follow through the application with him. With my busy schedule, he is willing to spare after office hours to meet us. Appreciate this extra effort and can’t say enough thank you. Thank you and God bless.

- Mong

I chose Hope Immigration Lawyers for my visa application purely based on the high ratings on google. The reasons for these high ratings were accurately reflected early on the application process. Joshua is extremely thorough with every single bit of the process and makes sure to check everything twice. One can rest assured to get all the questions answered perfectly with him and prepare a flawless application. All his advice and suggestions were extremely helpful and I highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers for all types of visa application.

- Trish

Thanks to Hope Immigration Lawyers for our review. "thank you Joshua for your support". My husband and I are very happy for the AAT decision they gave us.

- Angel

Joshua our attending immigration lawyer made our application smooth and successful. He was very patient, keen to details, responds to every questions appropriately and straightforward from the very beginning. to sum it up, Hope Immigration Lawyers has provided us with superb professional service and all credits to Joshua.

- Maria

I’m really grateful that we made the decision of letting Joshua deal with our Tribunal case. He is knowledgeable, responsive, professional, easygoing and friendly. He always kept us updated with the process and the steps to be taken and gave comfort to my husband and me in hard times. I have complete confidence in referring him to anyone. He knows what he is doing! Have a blessed day.

- Shasika

From the first consultation we had with Joshua, we know that we can trust him for our visa application. Joshua is very responsive when we contacted him either by email or phone. He answers all of our questions and make us feel ease that a very complicated visa application sounds so easy and simple. Our Permanent Resident visa is granted, thanks a lot Joshua, you had made our hope comes true. I recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers 100%.

- Elaine

Joshua was fantastic, he was really professional throughout all our visa process, from the first consultation till the day of our visa was granted. I'd definitely recommend Joshua to anyone.

- Jordan

My partner and I initially chose Joshua for our Partner Visa (subclass 820 & 801) application due to reading the other positive reviews and meeting with him first in his office to discuss our options. The entire process was easy from beginning to end and Joshua provided invaluable advice and direction for what was required to ensure we had a strong visa application. This resulted in my partner receiving her 820 visa after only 10 months which has allowed us to begin making plans for our future without the worries of a pending visa application.

- James

My wife and I were rejected for our partner migration visa, we were really worried and panicking about what to do next. I found Joshua online and contacted him. He assured us after looking at the reasons that yes we should appeal and try and explain our situation to the Tribunal (AAT). Joshua was ran with our case, advising us the process and what would be required. He helped us with getting through collating all our documents and guided us through the process. The experience I had with Hope Immigration Lawyers was a seamless. My wife and are extremely happy with the result and now with can move on with our lives together with more certainty.

- Neel

Joshua is a wonderful & a very professional lawyer from Hope Immigration Lawyers. Joshua helps me with patient, attention to details until I got my PR visa granted. There is no doubt that he is the right person to assist you with your visa application. I highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers. Thank you so much Joshua.

- Megan

Highly recommend Joshua for visa applications. Certainly made a very stressful process much easier for us. Very professional and easy to deal with.

- Anthony

We have an outstanding experience with Hope Immigration Lawyers under Joshua, the lawyer who handle our visa application. He has professionally and thoughtfully answered all our inquiries. He was very keen on details, and very knowledgeable in all the aspects during our application. His service was prompt especially when we have additional questions whether it is via an email or a text message. He was very patient with us. Furthermore, he made the process as smooth as possible for us and made sure all the necessary documents are specifically and carefully prepared that made our application successful. Surely Hope Immigration Lawyers delivers more than hope but a pathway for the future. Thank you Joshua.

- Chandre

Hope Immigration Lawyers have provided great guidance in submitting a robust compliant application, my visa was approved last week.

- Hina

Thanks heaps to Joshua from Hope Immigration Lawyers for his commitment and hard work. Joshua has been informative, reliable, and extremely supportive throughout my visa application process. Thanks to him, my PR was granted earlier than expected. I will definitely recommend Joshua to all my friends who need immigration advice 🙂

- Rachel

Joshua has successfully helped me applied for a visa and I cannot thank him enough for helping me through every step during this whole process. He is very dedicated to his work and attention to details. He was very clear and straight to the point, most important I was very well informed with what I needed to do during the whole process. I am very glad that I found Joshua because I could not have gotten my visa done without him and I highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone who is going through any immigration issues. Thank you for all your help!

- Flora

I just got the 820visa granted! Joshua is very professional and I highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents to any future couple wishing to apply for a partner visa.

- Kyungeun

Hope Immigration Lawyers’ service was very fast and efficient. My visa was expiring the next day and Joshua helped me finish the application in one day. I was very happy with the speed and professionalism of the service.

- Anh

After many years of a long distance relationship, we made the decision to pursue a Partner Visa. We decided a migration lawyer could help us navigate the complex Australian immigration process. We couldn't be happier with the services of Hope Immigration Lawyers. Josh provided us with the professional advice and direction needed to ensure our Partner Visa was approved without any issues. We highly recommend Josh and Hope Immigration Lawyers!

- Grace

Me and my partner first approached Hope Immigration Lawyers not having a clue and confused and intimidated by the immigration process. After meeting Joshua once we felt completely comfortable and confident. He guided us thru the whole process step by step with constant communication and reassurance. Of a successful process after countless hours of hard work from him we are delighted that i have been granted my visa and everything worked out how he said it would. Joshua’s professionalism and attention to detail along with his deep knowledge and experience in immigration law made our process so much easier and removed any fear and stress. We very highly recommended Joshua’s services and thank him for his work.

- Eddy

We cannot express enough of our gratitude and appreciation to Joshua. Joshua‘s advice for partner visa was clear and supportive and got my partner visa (820) granted. My wife also got her permanent residency because of Joshua’s hard work. She went few immigration lawyers, but she was disappointed every time. After meeting Joshua, she found out he is reliable and committed to what he is doing. He maintained good communication throughout the application process. After she got her visa we were very happy with Joshua‘s service we didn’t think to go anyone else. We highly recommend him to all of our friends. For immigration matters, he is the best person to consult.

- Indika

Joshua was recommended to me by another international student in order to obtain a graduate visa, and eventually my permanent residency. Joshua made the process and individual steps very clear and ensured that contingencies were in place for my visa to be granted in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him as a lawyer and will most definitely apply for PR through the same agency when the time comes.

- Fleur

We hired Joshua from Hope Immigration Lawyers to help us apply for our visa and can happily say we just got the visa granted! He is very professional, and guide you through all documents and evidence you have to send in so you are sure that there are no mistakes or misunderstandings. We really appreciate all help and guidance we received from Joshua! Thank you for all your help!

- Mette

I was very fortunate to have chosen Joshua of Hope Immigration Lawyers to handle my child’s visa. He had perfect professional knowledge of what needs to be done and the best ways to do them. On top of that, he is always approachable and responds fast to any queries. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to hire a migration lawyer.

- Lim

Joshua was a great help to us. Whenever we needed a hand or an answer he would help us. Joshua would always call us and check how we were going and inform us what we needed to provide. I highly recommend Joshua to any future couple wishing to apply for a partner visa.

- Karla

Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers has been a great help to both me and my partner, we saw this as a long and daunting process. But after consulting with Joshua, he was able to set our minds at ease and guide us through the steps we had to take. He was always on side to help with any questions or concerns we had along the way.

- Christopher

I went to Joshua after being told by other lawyers that I've come too late to apply for PR. With Joshua's help however, I managed to receive PR within 3 months. His advice is direct, timely and relevant. Highly recommend.

- Ji Hyun

Joshua from Hope Immigration Lawyers has been so helpful and explained everything in an easy and comprehensible manner. He has made our process so easy and would totally recommend his services again. Thanks.

- Alexis

Joshua offered very effective advice and support through our application process. Joshua’s energy and attention to detail was vital to put all the puzzle together. It wouldn’t have been possible to do it without his support.

- Diego

I am a United States professional who interviewed many immigration attorneys before selecting Joshua. Joshua was forthright and professional from the beginning and I found him to be extremely knowledgeable on the various processes required to lodge my visa application. Joshua was clear in outlining, explaining and confirming what I needed to do and which documents were required. He was always available, responding to my questions in less than 24 hours. I would highly recommend Joshua to anyone who’s in need of legal help with immigration issues.

- Jennifer

My partner and I consulted with Joshua for an on shore 820/801 partner visa of which the 820 has now been approved for my partner! We couldn’t be happier with his service. Before finding Joshua, we meet with a few other firms only to be told our case was too difficult and they were not interested in taking it on. After feeling like there was no hope we meet with Joshua and he did not shy away from the challenge, working with us closely helping us to build our case. Joshua’s services were a good investment into our future and we personally thank him and Hope Immigration Lawyers for all his hard work.

- Bradley

Joshua’s advice and guidance on the partner visa application was always clear, methodical and supportive. This process can be very daunting for anyone but Joshua’s direction helped alleviate a lot of the stress. We are now pleased to say we have, with Joshua’s support, successfully secured the grant of the partner visa.

- Cameela

I would like to say a very big thank you to Joshua for giving us the much needed advice and for processing my visa. We were in search for the best possible lawyer we could have and we met Joshua, and after our first meeting we decided to sign in for him and gave him our 100% trust because he gave us a clear legal advises that drives us into the right path and in just 12-13 months my visa was granted. I can’t think of any lawyer who could have made this one as easy as it is for us and by giving us the best of the best service. I highly recommend the knowledgable and experienced Joshua.

- Liza

My experience working with Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers was excellent. He was very informative throughout the process and communicated clearly and regularly. With any immigration process there is a lot to paperwork to keep track but Joshua was on top of it all and helped us understand the whole process. He was also very efficient with our time. This was a huge plus as moving to a new country can take up a lot of your time. Using Joshua, I was able successfully get my visa with minimal stress. I would highly recommend working with Joshua and Hope Immigration Lawyers.

- Omar

I highly recommended Hope Immigration Lawyers especially I would like to appreciate Joshua for his effort, professionalism, attention to details and patience for my visa application which is granted within a year, whilst it usually takes 12 to 18 months for the result. He provided me very professional advices and steps indeed. Thank you Joshua!

- Frances

My partner’s visa was rejected 3 times because of false advice and information from other immigration lawyer. My partner’s application looked so complicated and I had no hope of my partner getting a visa. We were looking for a good immigration lawyer & came across Hope Immigration Lawyers. We didn't have any hope till we had a chat with Joshua. Joshua helped us through all the steps of the visa process. Joshua was available anytime of the day to clarify doubts and explain what we needed to do. He also made sure every task is done before time. He was not like other lawyers who open only if you pay extra bucks. Within 12 months of application my partner’s visa got approved. Thank you so much Joshua for all the hard work you have done to help us through this difficult time. I strongly recommend Joshua for any immigration issues.

- Jeena

Joshua is really good at what he does. I consulted him in relation to a 189 visa application earlier this year. He is very prompt in responding to any questions or issues with the application. Quite accurate and timely. I would definitely recommend "Hope Immigration Lawyers" for a personalised, professional and effective advice.

- Parth

A very big thank you to Joshua for all the hard work and the amazing service. He is professional and pays careful attention to little details. My visa was granted earlier than expected and I could not be happier about it 🙂

- H.J.

I just want to extend my appreciation and thank Joshua for helping me in successfully attaining the 190 Visa. His persistence, straight-forwardness, reliability, diligence and commitment made all the difference. He maintains good communication throughout the application process through phonecalls and emails. To sum up, he is just the right immigration lawyer. I highly recommend anyone who has any visa needs to contact him for consultation, for you might just find the solution. Once again, thank you Joshua for making one of my life-goals into a reality.

- Mikail

I was recommended to Joshua by a friend. I made an appointment with Joshua to help me and my partner with our partner visa application. He was very helpful with our application, helped us with all our enquiries. He explained the process to us thoroughly with his wealth of legal knowledge. I am so glad I took my friend's recommendation! I would definitely use Joshua’s services again. I recommended Hope Immigration Lawyers highly. A+++

- Yeji

As an international student whose degree wasn't on the skilled occupations list, meeting Joshua was the best thing has happened for me. Without his help I doubt that I would have been capable of applying for the visa I was granted. Through out the entire process Joshua was extremely helpful, and his insight invaluable. I couldn't have had a better experience working with an immigration lawyer.

- Jackson

My partner and I are really grateful for Joshua’s help with our 189 visa application. Before we meet Joshua, we had little idea of what to do, but he made it very clear for us in our first meeting. Joshua really made my visa application process stress free, he answered our questions professionally and always updated us in a timely manner.

- Feiyuan

I received an invitation from the Department of Immigration to apply for a new visa. I was looking for a good lawyer to help me then I found Hope Immigration Lawyers. Joshua helped me a lot and now I got a new visa. I just want to say many thanks to Joshua and I highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers.

- Mohammed

Thanks Joshua for all the professional assistance that led us all the way in getting the visa approved. Very thankful for your great patience and very thorough and systematic service in making the application process went on smoothly and efficiently. Could not thank him enough for his great help and would definitely recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone seeking immigration lawyer's service.

- Kaye

My wife and I recently engaged Hope Immigration Lawyers services to make our visa application. We could not be more happy with the service Joshua provided. He explained everything in a clear and concise manner enabling us to put the documentation required together with ease. We were delighted in the prompt service. We highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers. Thank You Joshua!

- Zina

We consulted with Joshua in relation to our partner visa application. We found Joshua extremely knowledgeable about the law and what documents/evidence we should provide. He put us at ease with his calm nature and understanding of our situation. As my previous visa was expiring soon we were in a bit of a tizzy, but Joshua was there to help! During the process Joshua kept us informed. We absolutely recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers for whatever visa or migration matters you may have. Thanks Joshua.

- M&H

My partner and I are really grateful for Joshua’s help with our 189 visa application. Before we meet Joshua, we had little idea of what to do, but he made it very clear for us in our first meeting. Joshua really made my visa application process stress free, he answered our questions professionally and always updated us in a timely manner.

- Edward

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Joshua who has been fully professional in dealing with my visa application. He always provided me with all possible options for me to obtain my permanent residency and he explained them clearly. During the application process, he maintained close communication with me, reminding me of any due tasks, and tried to make the process as smooth as possible. I am glad to choose Joshua as Immigration Lawyer.

- Wilsen

I've done with Hope Immigration Lawyers for applying my 457 Visa in 2014 and ENS in end of 2016 as well. I really appreciate that he has good responsibility and hard working even weekends for my visa. If any of my family members or friends or colleagues get any immigration issues, I will highly recommend Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers. Thank you so much Joshua.

- Chris

As an international student whose degree wasn't on the skilled occupations list, meeting Joshua was the best thing has happened for me. Without his help I doubt that I would have been capable of applying for the visa I was granted. Through out the entire process Joshua was extremely helpful, and his insight invaluable. I couldn't have had a better experience working with an immigration lawyer.


I was recommended to Joshua by a friend. I made an appointment with Joshua to help me and my partner with our partner visa application. He was very helpful with our application, helped us with all our enquiries. He explained the process to us thoroughly with his wealth of legal knowledge. I am so glad I took my friend's recommendation! I would definitely use Joshua’s services again. I recommended Hope Immigration Lawyers highly. A+++

- Angelo

Joshua helped me and my partner through all the steps of our visa application leaving us with little to worry about. We were very pleased with his prompt responses for any questions we had and always keeping us up to date with the processes of the application. His professional advice left us with confidence and we highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers services to anyone.

- Aaron

Thanks to your expertise and professionalism, I have now my visa to stay in Australia! It was a pleasure dealing with Joshua and Hope Immigration Lawyers. You were always available for any questions or help that I needed. This support is so important when trying to go through the tedious and detailed application process. I have and will continue to recommend your services. Thank you again!

- Bruno

Our family sincerely appreciate writing this letter thanking Joshua for his hard work. After 20 years of our family struggling to receive permanent residency, we found Joshua to help us with our final chance to apply permanent residency through Ministerial Intervention. As our case was very complicated and only a small percentage become granted by the minister, not many lawyers were as confident as Joshua. He has been positive and helpful in every way throughout the years and made sure all documents were correctly provided to the immigration. If it wasn’t for his dedication and professionalism, our family would have faced extremely stressful times and hardship. However after years of progress, all family members obtained permanent residency thanks to Joshua!! We strongly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone having difficulties with their visa.

- Agnes

I am glad to say that I received all the information for getting PR which was bit difficult in getting it but now this seems to be done smoothly with the help and expertise of Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers

- Jay

I would truly thank joshua for all hardwork and endeavors he put in clarifying the visa procedure. I came to him with no thought regarding which visa I can apply for after my graduation. Joshua guided me through every one of the choices accessible for me. He additionally gave recommendations on the perfect time for applying visa.

- Akash

8 month ago I have been declined spouse visa as the immigration doesn't think that our marriage is legitimate. My wife and I decided to seek help in regards to our case. We found Joshua then immediately book an appointment with him. He supported us and took our case to the tribunal (AAT) which we have won. Without his expertise I could not have made it through the legal process. Thank you so much Joshua.

- Nobel

Thank you so much Joshua for all the hard work you have done to help us through this difficult process. You presented us with the best legal advice took us through the right course of action and now I have my visa! I highly recommend him.

- Paranee

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Joshua for taking care of my graduate visa as well as the permanent visa. His professionalism and attention to detail altitude made the whole process worry-free. Joshua is also very patient, polite and 100% dedicated to his job, he responded to my questions via email or phone very quickly to make sure I feel safe and sound, and I’m in good hands. My visas were approved extremely fast; it had been a pleasant journey to work with Joshua.

- Amy

I'm so pleased to share the great news that I've finally been granted my PR. I have had some terrible experiences with immigration lawyers in the past until I found Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers. Not only he is extremely knowledgeable, he is straight to the point and very professional. I trusted Joshua and had faith in him along this process. I find it hard to express how grateful I am for your assistance, support, open communication, professionalism and helping me achieve the best possible outcome. I cannot recommend Joshua highly enough. He is trustworthy, professional and fantastic support through a very stressful circumstance. He always kept me up to date and answered all my questions and made this process a lot more pleasant. If any of my family members or friends get any immigration problem, I will highly recommend Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers.

- Tania

The Resident Return Visa of my son was cancelled due to a misunderstanding regarding last day of entry. We had a great deal of trouble finding out when and why it was cancelled and so elected to engage an Immigration lawyer to assist because it was so difficult contacting immigration to obtain information. Of the lawyers we contacted, Joshua was the only one who was easily contactable and returned phone calls. We made arrangements to see him. The appointment took a little over an hour in which all our questions were answered and he advised what documents he needed to support the application. Visa was granted 3 days after submission of the application. Everything went so smoothly - couldn't have been happier. I consider his fees reasonable and competitive and well worth the quality of his submission. His communication was extremely good and we always knew where we were going with the application. He gives personal service and I can recommend him to anyone who desires a trouble free experience with immigration matters.

- Peter

My partner and I used Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers to obtain my 820 Partner Visa. Josh was extremely helpful and made sure the process was as stress free as possible. He is very prompt in responding to any questions and is very professional. He made sure that every detail was covered and that we understood every step of the application. I would recommend Josh to anyone who needs help obtaining an Australian visa. I can’t thank him enough for guiding us through the process!

- Lindsay

I was looking for a second opinion on my application for a Skilled Graduate (485) visa. When I saw him, he pointed out to me that I have made a big mistake that might jeopardise my visa application. He also explained everything I need to know to get my permanent residency. I totally trusted him, so I quickly pulled out my application and made a new one with Joshua. I got my (485) visa within two months. He also helps me get my partner a visa which went through smoothly. I would like to thank Joshua for all the efforts he put into our visa applications. Joshua knows what he is doing, and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer. I will be applying for my permanent resident visa with Joshua shortly. Thanks mate!

- Aung Myo

When I started to apply for my visa, I was worried on how to go ahead with it. The fact that I have had a problem with my medical history made it even more complicated. My partner and I are deeply grateful for having Joshua to guide us with every step of the process. He is very knowledgeable and gives precise advice on how to respond to requirements involved for a positive outcome. Paying attention to details and his ability to communicate in a timely manner are some of his strong assets that helped us push ourselves to our limits. Having received the visa grant was such a big relief considering the challenges involved in the accomplishment of every requirement. We highly commend Joshua for the great support and the whole of the Hope Immigration Lawyers.

- Lucy

I came to Hope Immigration Lawyers to apply for my 801 visa. From beginning to end the support from Joshua was amazing! I was with another immigration agency with my previous application for a subclass 820 visa. I had such a horrible experience with them and I was very frustrated that I couldn't even reach out to the person who was dealing with my case. That is the reason I came to Hope immigration Lawyers for my next visa application. It was absolutely the right move!! Joshua was always prompt with answers to my questions and got straight to the point. He was always contactable at any time and his responses were easy to understand. He is very efficient. Thank you again for helping with my visa and I definitely can recommend Joshua to anybody who is looking for an immigration lawyer.

- Ai

Joshua was very professional and managed to get everything done then submitted our application very efficiently. I believe Joshua’s attention to details really increased our chance of successful outcome. We received granted visa not long after submission. We couldn’t thank him enough for his great help.

- Ricky

I was on a 457 visa in Australia but decided to apply for permanent residency by myself thinking it was a straight forward procedure, however little that I knew at the time I would be having on going problems with my visa application. This was when I decided to scout around for a lawyer. I remember during our first meeting Joshua explained all my options in tackling my problem. He has a straight forward nature and does not beat around the bush on facts. Because of these traits, I have my permanent residency status today. He will tell you details in advance, call, email and txt message you when things needed to be done as though he was applying for residency for himself. Thank you Joshua for being a through with my permanent residency visa application process. If you're having problems with your visa or in need of help, I will definitely recommend business with Joshua.

- Manveer

Joshua has helped me with my application for my Skilled Independent visa along with my Engineers Australia skills assessment. My student visa was about to run out and I had to leave Australia to attend conferences overseas, Joshua went out of his way to expedite the whole process. Moreover I was able to reach him after office hours in cases of urgency and the whole process went smoothly. Thank you very much Joshua for all your assistance, and helping me in starting a new life here in Australia.

- Rohit

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Joshua for an extremely great work. Joshua really delivered a great and professional service in helping me in getting my permanent residency. I came across his website, at first looking at all of the testimonials in his website I got the impression of a very good and reliable immigration lawyer, and when I met him and discussed with him I was correct. In our initial consultation, he explained everything, every requirement in great details on every possible way to apply for the visa. Joshua made the application felt easy and went smoothly, and after only 1 month after our initial meeting and only 2 weeks after the visa lodgement, to my surprise I was granted my visa and permanent residency. All in all, I recommend Joshua and Hope Immigration Lawyers very highly to everybody reading this testimonial and to everybody I know who are looking for the same service. Once again, thank you very much Joshua!!!

- Henry

Joshua made the visa process easy to understand and accomplish. He helped my partner and I on every step, explaining what we needed to do and reducing the stress of a complicated process. I give his services my highest recommendation. Never did I think my visa would be as quick and painless as he made it! Thanks.

- Tess

With great appreciation I got my 190 permanent visa within 6 weeks after I decided to put our case in Joshua’s hands. He is a very kind, professional, hard working lawyer and always has a smile on his face which gave me a positive feeling when I worried about my application. My wife made a brilliant decision to work with Joshua who did everything without us worrying about anything. I would recommend Joshua (HOPE IMMIGRATION LAWYERS) to all my friends who plan to come and stay in Australia. Many thanks to Joshua.

- Hongrui

Our partner visa rejected 2 years ago. One of my friends strongly recommended to us Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers. Our case was very difficult and complicated and Joshua helped us to process our AAT case. Joshua was always available to provide advice from start to finish. Finally, we won our AAT case. I strongly recommend you to select Joshua for any immigration issues. I am so much appreciated Joshua!!

- Jury

Joshua, thank you for your high level of professionalism, hard work, and dedication, I know I was not an easy client, and for that I thank you for your patience and compassion. As most communications were through emails and phone conversations, I was grateful that all my concerns, however minor, were addressed promptly, honestly and straight to the point. Through your impeccable attention to details, we were "on target" with the documents needed for immigration. This led to the granting of my permanent visa, which took less time than I expected, for which I am grateful. Your meticulous care, direct approach yet friendly manner reduced my stress level and ultimately secured my happiness and fulfilled another phase of our life. Most certainly, we strongly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone needing Joshua's advice and help in this his chosen field of expertise. Thank you very much.

- Kim & James

Joshua helped to get me and my wife in getting our permanent residency. He has a very good knowledge about the whole process. He handled my application in a very professional way and was very helpful and polite. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking forward to obtain their Australian visa.

- Deejan

Joshua was really professional. He was always happy to make time for our meetings. He was really clear with our options. We had some technical problems with our Partner visa which Joshua was able to sort out in a short amount time. We would be happily recommend Joshua to anyone who needs help with their visa.

- Yuko & Simon

My partner and I were looking for a lawyer to help obtaining a visa for me. We had several appointments with other lawyers but although my case was not too complicated (we thought) we did not got any clear answers about options or the process in general. When we met with Joshua he was extremely professional and gave us straight away the feeling that he knew what he was doing. He explained everything very thoroughly and very clear and he was just as methodical and meticulous with the paperwork that we had to submit. A sincere thank you for your excellent services Joshua. And if anyone ever needed an Immigration Lawyer, I for sure would recommend to contact Hope Immigration Lawyers.

- Aubrey

We would like to sincerely thank Joshua for all his hard work and dedication in regards to my Partner Visa. His understanding and helpfulness is much appreciated by the both of us. We would definitely do business again! Highly recommended! Cheers Joshua!!

- Ryan & Penny

Joshua was very helpful in my application for a permanent residency visa. Despite the anticipation and stress of waiting for my result the entire process was carried out swiftly and easily because of Joshua’s leadership capabilities. In the end my trust in him prevailed and I obtained a permanent residency visa with little difficulty. I highly recommend Joshua to anyone seeking help as he was professional enough to do his job efficiently and also polite and friendly enough so that I could enjoy working with him.

- BBoy Blue

I had a very complicated process having to apply for my graduation and bridging visas but Joshua made this process fast and easy. Joshua was constantly in contact with me to make sure that everything on my behalf was on track and held up his part in more than a satisfactory performance. My visas were approved a lot sooner than expected and was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, since I then could start working and studying again. Joshua provided great service and made sure that everything went smoothly and always held a positive attitude. I would highly recommend Joshua's services.

- Shannon

Initially was only randomly searching for an immigration lawyer to help out with me and my husband's process of 189 visa. Came across Hope Immigration Lawyers with all the positive reviews, chatted with Joshua a few times and eventually had decided to rely on him for our case. In 3 months time, our PR has been granted, which has proven our choice to be brilliant!!! Joshua was always very warm, helpful and detail-oriented, and unlike some lawyers whom always try to hold on to vital information from their clients until big bucks are paid in, he wasn't shy away from advising his professional opinions and constructive suggestions long before we had even decided to use his service. It's very hard to find a lawyer who is willing to dedicate so much energy and patience to his clients. Thank you Joshua and we highly recommend him to anybody who needs helps for their visas!

- Fay & Alex

I really appreciate utmost efforts, deep knowledge of grounds on which Joshua is working, through which an ever impossible task of getting my mother's visa for Australia has made possible. I was worried specially because her visa was previously rejected and I have no hope to get it again but based on Internet reviews I have decided to select Joshua this time and he did all he can to made this possible. Joshua you will be my lawyer on all matters related to immigration in future for my family overseas.

- Faraz

Just this month, i got my permanent resident visa, thanks to Joshua. I applied Skilled Nominated Migration (190) and it took three month after lodging my final application. Throughout the whole process, Joshua showed excellent performance and professionalism. Actually, Joshua was successful to get a permanent residency for the parents of the mother side of my sister’s husband and mine’s. That’s why i highly recommend Joshua as the best immigration lawyer in Sydney. Again, thank you so much for your great service and I will definitely ask him again when my partner needs to apply for a visa.

- Sanghyun

It is with much pleasure that we write this letter thanking Joshua for your invaluable help during a difficult period in which we had virtually given up trying to obtain our Permanent Residency. Your enthusiasm and effort shown to get our Permanent Residency has well paid off on helping us get it well ahead of schedule. We commend you for your professionalism as well as your patience with regards to our very complicated case. Thank you for handling our case so well. We really don’t have words to express how grateful we were to you for helping us out with our case. Keep up the excellent work. Many thanks again!!

- Kee Woon

Joshua helped me with my application for independent skilled visa including CA assessment for work experience which added additional 5 points on my total points. He advised me on how I should structure my employment assessment with CA which successfully granted me the points. I was planning to apply for visa 189 but he also offered as another option is visa 190 for state nomination visa, which I have taken. In just a week, I got my invitation for visa 190. And another 45 days come, I received my PR. Thank you Joshua and I'll always remember your advice to relax and calm down. Cheers!

- Mark

Myself and my partner have used Hope Immigration Lawyers services a few times now. My partner was successful in applying for a 402 training visa and I was later added defacto to this application. Joshua was extremely professional and a great person to work alongside with to achieve our visa grants. We were so pleased with Joshua's work that I contacted him again to apply for my 457 work sponsorship. I had some challenges with time restrictions and leaving Australia to apply from Ireland but Joshua took this onboard and was able to apply for my visa for me while I was away. My visa was approved in 3 weeks and I am delighted to use Hope Immigration Lawyers services again for my partner to apply defacto. I have no hesitations in recommending Joshua as an Immigration Lawyer and look forward to working with him again in the future. Thanks for all your help!

- Tara & John

Avinash and I would like to express our sincere thanks for your assistance in obtaining a Permanent Resident 189 visa in 11 weeks. Your meticulous preparation of our case enabled us to comply with the endless list of paperwork required. Your impeccable attention to details allowed us to build our case and present it in a format that met the requirements of the Department of Immigration. We appreciate your professionalism but also your high level of commitment, throughout the application process. Once again we extend our gratitude to you Joshua!

- Avinash & Manika

While walking in George Street i browsed in my mobile and search through internet, the HOPE IMMIGRATION LAWYERS appear with the Solicitor name Joshua Choi in my mobile screen. I called him and arrange to see him for consultation two hours. From there he outlined the possibilities and what visa is preferably for me. Joshua is very welcoming person, kind, calm, very professional, respectful and most of all with a great smile which will bring out positive thinking out of you & will inculcate in to your mind that there is no doubt there is HOPE for success in my application and i can foresee that my dream for my family to stay in Australia forever will happen. My Partner Visa application is quite complicated because i have my daughter who have been diagnosed with Cancer but thank God she's stable and in good health. Joshua is much i could say very knowledgeable with all the immigration laws despite of the recent changes of immigration policy in Australia. He helped me and my daughters pulled through Success of our application and in no time our visa application (temporary & permanent together) has been Granted within 11 months processing. Thank you so much Joshua, God bless you. Genuine lawyer with a good heart and most of all with affordable solicitor fees. Again thank you MATE Joshua. Excellent work. Well done.

- John & Maria

First of all, I greatly appreciate the hard work and high level of professionalism demonstrated by Joshua Choi. I still couldn't believe that my visa has granted so sooner than I expected. During the entire process, he clearly explained the process to me and gave me a document checklist we needed to present to the Immigration department. Most communication were through e-mail and phone conversation and all of my concerns, however minor, were prompted addressed in a timely manner at all times. Therefore, I would definitely tell those who looking for a highly qualified immigration attorney to speak to Mr.Choi before proceeding with their immigration case.

- Becky

Joshua is very professional in what he does. With many years of experience and great knowledge in this field we trusted him and asked to help us with our Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) case. Joshua guided us step by step instructions throughout the case. He was very dedicated to our case, paying attention to all details and aspects of our case. At the end Joshua won the MRT case for us. We are very glad that Joshua helped us with our case.

- Marcus

My partner & I enlisted the help of Joshua to obtain a temporary visa, the case was a complex one, which we were very worried would not succeed. Joshua was very positive about our situation and always made himself available to us for any questions we may have had outside of our scheduled appointments. We found Joshua to be very calm and he developed a strategy for us to achieve the best possible outcome. In the end, our case did succeed and in addition, we found Joshua's pricing very reasonable considering the time & effort he had put into our case. We would not hesitate to approach Hope Immigration Lawyers again for his help in the future.

- Vanessa

I applied Subclass 190 with Joshua and it was approved in 4 months. During the entire process, he suggested reliable options which allowed me to save a lot of time and money in result. Also, the most impressive point from Hope immigration Lawyers was he regularly informed me how the process is going so far thus everything was clear and easy to catch up my current status for application. Of course the cost was reasonable compare to the other immigration agencies and location is perfect as well. I was fully satisfied with my outcomes and would highly recommend to those who prepare their permanent residency or visa matters.

- Lee

We highly recommend Joshua for his hard work and dedication to our case. He was very professional and diligent in getting us a successful outcome.

- J.&Y.

At first, I really don’t know Joshua, I just trusted all the testimonials that I have read on this site. Joshua is a lawyer who is very professional, hardworking and really knows what he is doing. He is very honest and will tell you all the possibilities that can happen on your case. He told me from the very start that it could take a year for my visa to be granted, but luckily, it just took 3 months. He is always ready to answer all your questions even beyond office hours. He will lead you to the right path. Joshua is the man you can trust and rely on, he is not after the money, he is after the result of your case! All the best Joshua! I’m very thankful for knowing and choosing you to be my immigration lawyer!

I will really recommend him to all of my friends. To all those who is reading this testimonial, trust me, He is the man! 🙂 thanks much Joshua!

- Chinee

I sought Joshua's help when applying for my 189 visa as I was not confident in doing it myself. He was very patient with me and provided many different options and pathways. Thanks to Joshua, I was able to get my 189 visa for myself and my wife in 1 month. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is not confident in applying for permanent residency by themselves or for people who are unsure. Joshua is very detailed in every aspect and always have the best answers. Thank you so much!!

- Sung

I recently sought the services of Hope Immigration Lawyers to sponsor an employee for my business. I was very impressed with Joshua's level of expertise and the thoroughness in which he managed the application process.

My employee's permanent visa was granted within two months of lodging the application with no further queries from the Department of Immigration. It certainly was a job well done and I recommend Joshua's professional services to anyone seeking visa related matters.

- Ronald

I went to see Joshua back in July this year and straight away I knew that he would be able to help me. I was applying for a de facto visa and so obviously there was a lot of paperwork involved that I didn’t feel confident to do on my own.

Joshua sat with me and my partner on numerous occasions and went through every last thing in detail. He was happy to answer any of our questions, no matter how big or small. As we gradually submitted all of our paperwork, Joshua went through every document piece by piece with a fine tooth comb. Joshua was upfront from the beginning about the fees as well.

I was expecting to have to wait 12-13 months for my visa to be granted, but with Joshua's help I had it back within 6 weeks! I would highly recommend Hope Immigration Lawyers to anyone that needs help with their application.

- Anna

I couldn’t believe that my mum’s visa has rejected which I applied via internet last November. I couldn’t trust previous agency to pass through MRT. Then my best friend introduced me Joshua at Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration agents. After met him, I was so relieved and he helped me to process step by step successfully. I got the advices and earned time to prepare a countermeasure which I couldn’t by myself.

Recently, my mum has just granted her visa until 2017!! Thank you again, Joshua and I will come back when she apply her permanent resident visa in the future.”

- Serena

I got my temporary visa, it just took 3 days after my visa application. Joshua didn't miss anything important. And above all things, his fees are reasonable and did not involve any hidden additional charges. I really thank Hope Immigration Lawyers & Migration Agents again. When I apply for my permanent visa, I am sure I will use their service again.

- Jessica

I had prepared some of the documents myself, but when I found the process was complicated I consulted Joshua who took over all of the application for me to a successful conclusion. I highly recommend Joshua who provided very good service at a reasonable cost.

- A. S.

I was looking for an agency to process an extension for my student visa and also the application for permanent residency after my graduation. To avoid any complication, I wanted to find an agent, who can process both at the same time. Then one of my friends introduced Hope Immigration Lawyers, so I made a booking first for a consultation. The consultation was conducted in relaxed and calm atmosphere and Joshua suggested several ways to get a permanent residency in accordance with my situation.

I chose Hope Immigration as my agency for to following reasons: Firstly, during the consultation Joshua gave me trust through his professional attitude towards his clients. Distinct from other immigration agencies, he suggested skipping the graduation visa and apply for permanent residency straight after I graduate university. This allowed me to save 1 year and also the corresponding expenses. I was so impressed by this, because all of the previous agents were suggesting graduation visa first. So I got a feeling that he actually cares for his clients even though he could take advantages of the situation.

Secondly, the process was so quick and clear as Joshua kept me informed how the process was going step by step. Also the thing that I really liked was flexibility in the process. He allowed me to make a decision first and if I ask for some advice, then he gave me the conscientious opinion about the matter. I felt more comfortable otherwise I know I would have felt too much pressure. Moreover, he always processes the work a step ahead, so gives more time to clients to prepare the required documents for application.

Lastly, the fee was reasonable. To be honest, as a student one of biggest concerns was an agency fee. However, the fee was reasonable enough as I saw how much effort Joshua put in each case. I heard that it can vary depends on the conditions of applicant’s case, but in my opinion it is sensible as he requires more time to handle the complicated cases. I was fully satisfied with the outcomes of my applications and recommended Hope Immigration Lawyers to who prepare for their visa applications.

- Raina

Joshua was kind. He explained me about law of immigration sufficiently. He was correct. He explained the situation of visa with wealth of legal knowledge. He was honest. He said that impossible case is impossible. That is why I trust him.

- Pastor Lee

In my case, I was very complicated at that time. When I see Joshua he was check everything possibility in detail. I met the other immigration lawyer who didn't check my experience in my country which is effect on my visa approval. It was lucky for me to meet Joshua who is expert person. Finally I got permanent resident visa.

- Lucy

When I first met Joshua, my working holiday visa was going to expire in five months’ time. I had to do my skills assessment urgently and then apply my permanent residency visa application. Joshua had been a great help in completing all these procedures and finally I was granted Australian permanent residency.

- Jong

When I was troubled with permanent residence, Joshua provided the best way to get it. Although my case wasn't easy to apply, he prepared an excellent visa application and, faster than expected, I have been granted permanent residency in Australia. I'm content with affordable cost as well.

- B. H. & J. S.

Joshua helped me process visa application in a precise and accurate manner. I was glad that the visa was issued only 10 days after application. Above all, I was so impressed that Joshua helped me sincerely. I would like to say 'thank you' again.

- Maria

Joshua is a good lawyer. He provided a great personalised service to us. He has a great personality and always treated my family like friends. Because of his help, all of my family can immigrate to Australia successfully. He used his professional knowledge and experience and tried his best in our case. He made everything easier. All my family appreciate what he did for us.

- Linji

I met Joshua for my mother's visa. It was really complicated and couldn't find any other lawyer who can do this visa application. It only took 2 weeks to get my mother's visa. It was absolutely amazing. Joshua is so kind and never misses even a small details. He always double and triple check all the documents. I introduced my friends who need professional help and Joshua successfully completed all the works. All of my friends are so happy with his works. Thank you again and we will never forget your help and kindness.

- Emma

Joshua is amazing!! I just wanna say that he is awesome!!! My case is not normal cause I applied talent visa. I had called some other lawyers, they all negative in mine but he wasn't. He told me all possibility with his experiences. And I got my permanent visa in less then 2 months.

- Bboy Blond

Joshua was very helpful and professional dealing with our visa application. My partner and I were very happy with his services and attention to detail. We will have no hesitation in asking Joshua to process our permanent resident visa application. We would like to thank Joshua for all his hard work.

- J.Y. & John

I requested Hope Immigration Lawyers to apply my permanent visa. I heard about Joshua's personality is very careful from my friend who introduced him to me. I know now from my experience that he does work really carefully.

I never expected this much fast processing about my visa, Joshua did apply my PR visa in August. My PR visa has been granted in October..so fast result...and I am very happy abut results of visa. I have no words to express my gratitude to Joshua lawyer. Thank you.

- J.E. Lim

My brother had rejected his work permission application 4 times in 2 years. Our whole family and my brother surrendered all hope of being approved. However Joshua was different. He was genuine and he never hesitates spending his time to listen my story. He always told us that we should do the right thing and he will work on with his best ability. My brother finally got approved his work permission in 2 days.

I wished that I paid him more than he asked. In other word, he never works for money. Joshua looks into your story first. Whoever may have worry about your unsolved immigrant problem, Joshua is the one.

- J.H. Kim

I'm really grateful for the outstanding service I got from Hope Immigration Lawyers. It was very complicated situation.

Joshua is extremely knowledgeable and always ready to answer any question I had during the process. My emails/calls were answered very promptly and never would have to wait for a response or for an advice. I should admit you have a lot of patience in answering my countless questions and I really appreciate that.

I am very much thankful to you.

- Hannah

When I contacted Joshua initially, he was approachable and friendly. I had a great consultation where he appeared knowledgable and results-driven. My impression of Joshua did not change through time, but only improved when he achieved an ideal result for me within 24 hours. He really does care for his clients and it was like he considered factors from the client's point of view. I would not hesitate to recommend Joshua to anyone who has visa or immigration issues.

- Isabelle

Early of last year, another lawyer gave me false information about RSMS. She did not know that immigration law was changed. And as a result, I was not able to proceed my visa application despite I found a company that would be my sponsor.

I started looking for lawyers who can help me but every lawyer gave me same answer that they cannot do anything. But only Joshua said that he can try.

The company where I work currently is quite large & complicated organisation. I’m sure that Joshua worked very hard because of that. Everyone in management department has received his call.

In November last year, he submitted my RSMS visa application and about two months later, the signal for my life in Australia turned to green light. The case officer did not requested any further information or explanation. It was just a clean shot.

- Louise

Thank you so much for all your efforts and time. I would like to express my gratitude for getting my visa smoothly. I really appreciate that you were always hard working and responsible for everything relating to getting the visa sooner. Without your ability to speed up the progress of my visa, I could not be able to get my visa on time.

- Marina

Although we were in a situation where we lived together less than a year, with Joshua's assistance the whole visa process happened so easily. After we submitted the application it only took 6 months to get approved. This was a result from Joshua's detailed work method where he cared about every little things. Now we are planning on our wedding and both of us appreciate Joshua for making it all this happen.

- Aliza and Jay


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