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Approximately one quarter of the Australian population was born overseas. Often these foreign born people still have family in their country of origin. Visiting families overseas can be both expensive and limited by VISA conditions. It is sometimes possible to bring the family to Australia. Australian citizens, permanent residents and New Zealand citizens may be eligible to sponsor their families to live in Australia, though the condition for this are complex.

Partner Category

Individuals married to Australian citizens, or Australian permanent residents may be granted a VISA, depending on circumstances. De-facto relationships may also be eligible for VISAs.

There is an application and assessment process for the partners of Australian citizens and residents. The granting of the VISA is not a legal right and not guaranteed.

Parent Category

The parents of an Australian citizen or permanent resident may be eligible for residency in Australia if they meet family test, health and character requirements.

Australian citizens and residents may sponsor their parents to stay in Australia for five years at a time.

Dependant relative

It is sometime possible to bring an older relative to Australia if they are dependant or if they have no other close relatives.

Child and Adoption

There are several different VISA options for bringing a child to Australia.

Carer Immigration.

Individuals may be bought to Australia where there is a long-term or permanent medical condition.

Immigration lawyer Sydney CBD

Consult our immigration lawyers to find the best process for bringing a family member to Australia.


Immigration lawyers Sydney

The immigration law may change from 18th November 2017 in a move that targets falsehood and deception in the immigration process.

Previously there was a suspension on VISA applications for anybody who had provided false or misleading information to any immigration department in the last 12 months. This looks to now be extended to a ten years ban.

This ten year ban effectively locks applicant out of the country. Ten years is a long time to wait, so most applicants will probably not reapply for a VISA once they have been banned.

If the supplied VISA information contains an honest mistake or is the result of a misunderstanding there is legitimate grounds for an appeal. But this appeal is time consuming and it is sometimes difficult to prove the honest intentions behind a bad mistake.

It is best to have an immigration lawyer to handle all VISA information. This prevents both time consuming honest mistakes and false information that effectively ruins chances for immigration.

It is important to note the strictness expected of all immigration information. Even falsely claiming not to have previously applied for a VISA can lead to a ten years ban on reapplication.

Always tell your immigration agent if you have applied for a VISA before.

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An immigration professional helps to avoid so many potential mistakes.

It is important to supply accurate information to your immigration agent as mistaken or dishonest information can effectively prevent you from gaining a VISA.